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 Yet to be named Pirates (RECRUITING)

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Yet to be named Pirates (RECRUITING) Empty
PostSubject: Yet to be named Pirates (RECRUITING)   Yet to be named Pirates (RECRUITING) EmptySun Sep 01, 2013 8:18 am

Yet to be named Pirates (RECRUITING) PFcQbvL

Yet to be named Pirates

Yet to find out what the crew are like

Crew Name: Yet to be named pirates
Crew Ship: Yet to be obtained ship
Crew's Allegiance: Pirate
Crew Territories: N/A
Crew's Allies: N/A
Crew's Captain: Seymour Sin


Catain Seymour Sin
Devil Fruit: Bari Bari no Mi
Bounty: Yet to be named Pirates (RECRUITING) Bsymbol0

Crew Member's Dream(s):
Catain Seymour Sin's Goals
1/ Gather a crew
2/ Become a strong crew
3/ Master his Devil Fruit
4/ Enter the Grand Line
5/ Get a bounty
6/ Take over own territory
7/ Discover Devil Fruit Powers

Total Crew Bounty: Yet to be named Pirates (RECRUITING) Bsymbol0

Come and join me in the fight for spermacy
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Yet to be named Pirates (RECRUITING)
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