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 Ship Creation Template

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Sayomi Hayashi

Sayomi Hayashi

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Ship Creation Template Empty
PostSubject: Ship Creation Template   Ship Creation Template EmptySat Aug 10, 2013 2:01 pm

This is the template you use to create your ship:

[center][size=29]Ship Name[/size]

[img]Ship picture (optional)[/img][/center]

[b]Ship Name:[/b] (Name your ship!)

[b]Crew Name:[/b] (Name of the crew that owns the ship.)

[b]Jolly Roger:[/b] (The crew's jolly roger is flown on the ship. For marines it is the basic marine flag automaticly.)

[b]Ship Size:[/b] (How big is your ship? How many rooms does it have? How many floors does it have?)

[b]Type of Ship:[/b] (is it a Galleon? Or a custom ship?)

[b]Ship Appearance:[/b] (What does the ship look like? How many sails does it have?)

[b]Description of Ship:[/b] (is it fast? Is it highly armored? Is it loaded with cannons?)

[b]Additional Notes:[/b] (Anything else we should know about your ship.)
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Ship Creation Template
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