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 Island Creation Template

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Island Creation Template Empty
PostSubject: Island Creation Template   Island Creation Template EmptyThu Aug 08, 2013 8:48 pm

Use this template to make an island!

[b]Name:[/b] What is the island called, is there a reason?
[b]Sea:[/b] North Blue, South Blue, East Blue, West Blue, Grand Line
[b]Type:[/b] Winter or summer island? (only for Grand Line)
[b]Size and appearance:[/b] How big is it? What's it look like
[b]Weather:[/b] What's the weather like?
[b]Animals:[/b] What kinds of animals are native to this land?
[b]Food:[/b] What kind of foods do the locals eat?
[b]Vegetation:[/b] What plants are native to the island?
[b]Population:[/b] How many people live here?
[b]Owner:[/b]Who owns the island? A pirate crew? The World Government?
[b]History:[/b] Anything big happen here? When was it discovered? etc
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Island Creation Template
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