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 Melanie [finished]

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Melanie [finished] 4SGSHvf
Name: Melanie
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Epithet: "Metal Hand" Melanie
Place of Birth: Karakuri Island, Grand Line
Species: Human
Allegiance: First to herself, second to the marines
Crew: N/A
Bounty: N/A
Bounty Collected: 100,000,000
Role(s): Assassin for hire, mechanic, Marine
Jolly Roger/Flag: Standard Marine flag
Ship: Standard Marine ship
Willpower: 15
Assassinate someone important
Get hired by someone famous or infamous
Continue to operate under the Marines without them knowing of her second job
Find her purpose in life
Melanie [finished] NvfsG5M
Character Appearance: Melanie has long black hair down to her waist and cold, piercing blue eyes.  She doesn't wear make-up, and her light skin is flawless, her nails are black.  She always wears a black floor length coat with a high color and black heeled boots. Underneath the coat is a black tank top and either fishnet stockings or black leggings. She often has a black raven with a white eye on her shoulder. Her right hand is made of metal.  

Regular Melanie:

Her marine outfit consists of a white jacket with blue designs, black jeans, black heeled boots and a dagger with a black hilt.

Lieutenant Melanie:

Another one:

Character Personality: Melanie never shows any emotion except boredom and when she kills or injures someone, and even then it’s just a small smile. She’s very professional, speaking with purpose and rarely making comments.  She is very articulate and speaks each word carefully. Melanie is very specific and hates wasting time. She's very straight to the point. She has a strange aura around her, making it difficult to trust her. 

When she's with the marines she's very quiet and laid back, preferring to stay behind the front line and watch rather than fight head on. Though she will carry out her missions flawlessly. 

When she's doing her other job, she's silent and hates wasting time. When people who are hiring her take too long to request someone's death, she dismisses them. Why waste your time with someone when you could be out killing for someone else? 
Character's Background: Melanie was born on Karakuri Island on the Grand Line to a young married couple. Her mother, Melody, was 18, and her father, Keniko, was 20. Melanie had been an “accident,” but there was no orphanage they could send her to. So they kept her. Whenever she spoke she was punished, whenever she cried she was punished. Melanie quickly learned not to speak, cry or show emotion. She was forced to clean and do chores, but she never complained for fear of “punishment.”
The second she turned 14 and old enough to take care of herself, she was kicked out of her home and sent to live on her own in the freezing cold of the Winter Island. The only things she was allowed to take with her was a fur coat and a weeks’ worth of food and water. She wandered around in the snowy woods alone, hiding from the banished cyborg animals. The food and water ran out and she had to melt the snow for water, and could barely find food. She survived off of the melted snow and various cold-living vegetables she could find. During the first month she lost her right hand to one of the beasts.  
By the time she was 16, she’d learned how to fend off the monsters, and even discovered one of the marine scientist’s old lab. She entered it and swiftly discovered blueprints for machines and many materials for creating the machines. She started out small, first building herself a new hand out of metal. It was fairly simple, just five fingers. Melanie made a home in the lab, finding food and water easily and with the help of the machines.
As she grew, she created more machines and inventing her own instead of basing them off of the blueprints. Melanie built small weapons into her fake hand, including a gun with a limited supply of round bullets. She can shoot the gun by pointed her index finger at an enemy, the top part of her finger lifts up, and a bullet shoots from it. This is really the only weapon she incorporated into her mechanical hand.
She became lonely, and searched through the blueprints in the lab. She found a stack filled with blueprints for cyborg animals. Thinking it seemed interesting; she attempted to make a cyborg dog. It failed, attacking her before running off into the woods. She tried and tried again, failing time after time before she managed to create a working cyborg raven. The bird had black feathers with white patches around its eyes. The bird soon became her loyal pet, following her around and sitting on her shoulder. She named it Sari.
Melanie soon grew bored of the island, having learned as much technology as she could cram into her head. She was skilled with creating machines, though there was still much to learn, and she decided to leave the island. She crafted a small boat to help her leave the island. A boat made of metal that could move without the use of sails, (it had paddles). She also stocked it with oars and a mast just in case. She set out from the island at the age of 17, her loyal raven following her.

As she traveled, she came across pirate ships and marine ships alike. She would try to avoid conflict, apologizing or pleading for her life. Most marines would grant it, but she was sometimes forced to fight. In the beginning she was terrible, unable to cause any harm or damage besides her pistol. Sari would try to attack, but was almost always shot down. Melanie managed to escape from the marines or pirates who attacked her by killing those who stood in her path, and stealing boats from the ship to get away. 

One time, the boat she was in sunk due to a leak. She was in the middle of nowhere, and couldn't do anything but try and stay afloat. A marine ship came across the drowning girl and picked her up kindly. Instead of attacking her, they treated her as a guest, even teaching her to fight. The captain, Captain Miko, took Melanie under her wing and trained her in Black Leg Style. Melanie wasn't very good at it, but did manage to learn a few simple techniques. 

She trained every day with Miko, trying to get better at it so she wasn't defenseless. Melanie was just starting to progress in the technique when the ship was attacked by pirates.  The pirates sunk the ship. Melanie escaped death by dropping from the ship in one of the small boats, leaving behind her dear friends. She mourned the loss of Miko, but didn't stop training herself. She has somewhat progressed, but is still at a beginning level in the fighting style. She is roaming the open sea in search of ways to improve her abilities. 

As she searched, she came across islands and dark people. Once on an island, a man approached her and asked her a favor. Curious, she said yes. The man told her there was someone he wanted dead, saying he'd pay her to do it. She complied, taking the job. The man gave her a picture of the person he wanted dead, and she found him. Killing him from afar with her pistol-hand, the man paid her. She found herself enjoying this, and became an assassin for hire. She became very skilled in this, usually killing with her pistol. 

She found a marine island, and out of respect for Miko, she joined them. It took her a while to move up the ranks, as none of the marines at the base trusted her. But she was promoted to Lieutenant after proving her abilities and "loyalty," despite being only 18 at the time. She works hard to keep her other job a secret from the marines, and so far none have learned of her work as an assassin. If they ever found out it would tarnish their reputation and she would most likely be killed, which she couldn't let happen.
Melanie [finished] TGwv9Rz

Mechanics: Having grown up on Karakuri and living in a lab, Melanie is very talented in creating machines or mechanical things.

Black Leg Style: On the marine ship, Melanie was taught to fight with her legs. She is still learning, and barely knows the simple moves. She is strong, and her kicks can be powerful when they hit their target. 

Assassination: Melanie is very light on her feet and difficult to find. She is a skilled assassin, often killing for money. 
Combat Techniques:
Pistol Shot: Melanie shoots an enemy with the pistol in her hand.
Broken Necklace: A kick to the neck

Fall to Me: A sweeping kick to the knees, causing the opponent to trip

Sincerest Apologies: A strong kick to the stomach 

Run and Jump: Melanie runs up a vertical or slanted surface, and pushes off from it. She then kicks an opponent from above before landing on the ground again.

Sari: Melanie’s pet cyborg raven, it can’t talk and it has no special abilities

Bullet case: Melanie carries a case full of extra bullets for when her finger-pistol runs out


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Melanie [finished]
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