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 Sora [finished]

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PostSubject: Sora [finished]   Sora [finished] EmptyTue Aug 20, 2013 5:11 pm

Sora [finished] 4SGSHvf
Name: Sora
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Epithet: N/A
Place of Birth:  West Blue
Species: Human
Allegiance: Anyone that'll take her in
Crew: N/A
Bounty: N/A
Bounty Collected: N/A
Role(s): Cook
Jolly Roger/Flag: N/A
Ship: N/A
Willpower: 20
Have fun
Do something big and important
Learn to fight
Outwit someone smart
Sora [finished] NvfsG5M
Character Appearance: Sora is slightly taller than an eleven year old, with bright blue hair past her shoulders, and red, innocent eyes, she has pale, flawless skin. She normally wears white knee-length dresses, light blue flat shoes, and a silver locket with a photo of her mother in it.  Sora isn't self-conscious about her red eyes.
Sora [finished] QHe8BeW

Character Personality: Sora is very innocent and childish. She’ll express glee over the smallest of things, but rarely throws temper tantrums. She is really nice to everyone, and hates obscene language. She always refers to those older than her as either Miss or Mr. Sora doesn't get obsessed with things, and doesn't hold grudges. She sometimes annoys people by asking lots of questions, but isn't mean and forgives easily. 
She’s never really suspicious of anyone and doesn't judge people either. She’s very trusting-which is probably not always a good thing. She will always help someone in need, and has a natural curiosity. She has a very adaptive personality, and can learn things quickly and easily. She’s also very smart and can outwit people with ease.

Although she doesn't get mad easily, there is one thing that could piss her off. If her locket were to get stolen or lost, she would go crazy trying to find it. It is very important to her, as it is her only link to her mother.
Character's Background: Sora was born on a small island in West Blue, but her mother died during childbirth and her father left her mother long before she was born, leaving her with no name. The orphanage she was sent to couldn't give her a name either though, so they just called her the weird girl. Sora was always getting into everyone’s business, and she was usually shooed away by most people. The orphanage wasn't really a home to her, as the other kids cast her out because of her red eyes, and the caretaker didn't actually take care of them.  They did whatever they wanted. Most people ignored Sora or treated her as a monster because of her red eyes-but she isn't self-conscious of them. The only thing she has as a token from her mother, is her silver locket, given to her when her mom died. It is a simple chain locket with a photo of her mom in it. 
When Sora turned 8, there was a fire at the orphanage and she was the only one who made it out alive. Smelling the smoke long before it reached her room (which was on the top floor) she escaped by crawling out the window and climbing down a tree which reached right to her room. She ran away from the orphanage before the whole thing came down in flames.
Since the fire, Sora traveled from house to house, staying with kind people but getting kicked out the next day.  Through all this she never lost her curiosity or kindness, despite how others treated her. When she was 10 years old, she slept aboard a small fishing boat-no one had let her stay that night.  The next day, she found herself on a large ship. The boat had been there for the pirates, and they’d completely disregarded the young girl on their boat and taken her aboard.
They treated her well though, being outcasts themselves, they even gave her a name. Sora, a type of waterbird, given to her because of her amazing swimming skills. She lived with them for about two years, staying in the kitchen during the night and helping cook in the morning. The ship’s cook taught her well, and she learned quickly. She was soon a near master cook, and could create her own recipes and cook great meals on her own. The pirates didn't teach her to fight, but by watching them fight she did figure out how to outwit people, and can be very tricky. She has a talent of getting out of situations by acting innocent and cute, and can escape from nearly any kind of trap or cage.

When the crew went ashore, she would go with them. They would bring her along, and protect her from any attackers. She didn't learn to fight, but did discover a strange ability. The captain of the ship had been captured by the marines and sentenced to execution, the rest of the crew had been caught as well. Sora had managed to elude them by pretending she was a prisoner aboard their ship, but she cared deeply for the men. When the captain was about to be executed, Sora screamed at the top of her lungs, reaching for the man on top of the execution platform. Nearly everyone in the crowd was knocked out, including the executioners. Her captain remained awake, yet many of the crew passed out too. So Sora climbed up the platform, tears running down her face, and freed the captain with the keys from the executioners. This was when she first used Conqueror's Haki, though she still has no idea what it is, and has nearly no control over it. 
When she was 11, the pirates docked at an island. They stayed there for a month, and at the end accidentally left without Sora. She waited for them to return, but they never did, so she set out on her own. Her story starts in the middle of the ocean somewhere. 
Sora [finished] TGwv9Rz
Cooking: She is a very skilled cook
Innocence: Sora can feign innocence by acting like a child
Wits: Sora is very smart for a 12 year old and can outwit most people, sometimes tricking them into thinking she's just a lost girl, or doesn't know anything.

Haoshoku Haki (Conqueror's Haki): Although she doesn't fully understand it, Sora was born with Conqueror's Haki. She knows she has some sort of ability, but not what it's called or how to use it.

Swimming: Sora is a great swimmer

Character Fears or Flaws: Sora isn't really scared of anything, but a flaw is her trustfulness. She will always trust basically anyone, and rarely gets suspicious. 
Combat Techniques:  Sora can’t really fight….

Sora doesn't carry anything with her, except for a small silver locket with a photo of her mother.


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Hmm I guess Its alright, I'll let the Haki part slide since she has no control of it...


Sora [finished] OPks5nL

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Sora [finished]
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