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 Gaffey Patch

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PostSubject: Gaffey Patch   Gaffey Patch EmptyFri Sep 27, 2013 3:37 pm

Gaffey Patches

Gaffey Patch 4SGSHvf

Name: Gaffey Patches
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Epithet: Gaff
Place of Birth: Frostmore Island
Species: Humani
Allegiance: Revolutionary
Crew: N/A
Bounty: 100,000,000 Beli
Bounty Collected: 0 Beli
Role(s): Jester
Jolly Roger/Flag:  N/A
Ship:  N/A
Willpower: 19
Dream(s):  To make the world laugh

Gaffey Patch NvfsG5M

Character Appearance:Gaffey Patch Monste10

Character Personality:  Gaffey is a random kind loving guy that you can see and know that he is loyal. He is caring and willing to stick up to anyone that threatens to harm any living soul. He never does well in romantic situations tending to just move away or stay silent.

Character's Background:  Gaffey doesn't really remember much about his past he just remembers flames everywhere licking against his skin than darkness, He awoke in a bed to find out that he was on a ship that had set ablaze and was the only one to survive. He was shocked he didn't know what to think he just laid there staying at the roof trying to remember what happend, he shook his head trying to make this nightmare end but nothing changed. A image flashed through his mind of some girl that he didn't even know or that he didn't think he knew and than the sounds of screaming.
He than blacked out when he awoke there was no one there and a large war hammer on his lap with a pile of close under it, he dressed picked up the war hammer and simply walked out of the place he was being kept in. Later on that day he was found by some marines asking him about the ship fire, Gaffey just shook his head and said he didn't remember they didn't believe him. They thought Gaffey was the one that destroyed the ship being the only one that lived, he was put through a trail for the death of thousands and than later sentenced to a life in prison. He accepted this and went with out a fight or even struggling, After years in the prison he was rescued by a masked stranger that went by the name on "Anon" he said he knew Gaffey didn't start the fire and that he would get him out of this place so they grabbed all his belonging and left.
After the escape Anon told Gaffey to lay a low profile and that mariens would come looking for him so Gaffey decided that he would become a jester and try to make everyone smile. One day while walking through town he noticed a strange looking fruit on the top of a houses roof curious he decided the climb the house and check it out, it was nothing out of the ordinary he noticed it was just smushed a bit making it seem strange he dusted the fruit off and took it back home because hey it's a free meal. When he got home he washed it off and took a bite out of it....it tasted horrible he threw the fruit into the trash and spent the next hour trying to wash the taste out of his mouth later on that week he started to notice strange things like shadows of dog like creatures following him and than the day came when he awake to find a grotesque creature at the endof his bed watching the door, oh did he scream but the creature took no notice and continued to watch the door. Curious he walked up to the creature and touched it,The creature purred and Gaffey stumbled back confused, What was this thing where had it come from?
After a few years Gaffey got used to the creature and even decided to give it a name he called it Gluttony for it's huge hunger of anything one day he ran across Anon again and told him about the fruit and the creature. Anon said it was a devil fruit he ate and that creature is related to the power of the fruit he ate. Gaffey liked the idea of having powers and started practicing he soon realized that to call the creature all he would have to do is say Gluttony and it would appear he even learend to speak to it. He than started to practice on using the war hammer he got until he finally mastered it he even named it blood lust from all the blood it shed.

Gaffey Patch TGwv9Rz

Making others laugh
Calling Gluttony
Using a Bloodlust
Speaking to Gluttony

Combat Techniques:
Kill em with laughter: Basically he pants the target and than hits them with a giant hammer. (Cause why not)
Sick Em: Calls to gluttony who charges at the foe and tears them apart
Round and Around: A spinning move used to clear out large area's of foes with his war hammer
Ya hungry?: Gaffey cuts off the limbs of his foe and casually feeds them to Gluttony one by one
Have a nice fall: Gaffey slams Bloodlust into the gut of his foe and then picks them up with the head of Bloodlust. He than slams the head of Bloodlust and them into the ground.

Inventory:  Dual khopesh's, Bloodlust, Gluttony.

Gaffey Patch PWqlz5E

Devil Fruit:[/i] Yobi Yobi No Mi
Class: Parmecia
Powers: Allows the user to summon grotesque creatures ranging from one to four depending on how high your skills are with the fruit. The summoner can even change the shape of the creatures when they have practiced hard enough with the power giving them large wings or saber teeth (will make the fruit and hammer app)

RP Sample: N/A

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The same problem as with the Devil's Fruit. If you could go through and unbold your words that'd be great. Or, at least the history. Also, break the history into segments, it's much easier to read that way. 

Also, the name of the hammer is different on here than on the weapon form

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Gaffey Patch
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