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 Frostmore Island Adventure

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Kou Getsu

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PostSubject: Frostmore Island Adventure   Frostmore Island Adventure EmptyWed Sep 18, 2013 5:39 am

Snow is falling from the sky as the howl of the Frozen Wolves can be heard off in the distance. Inside a small bar is a small crowd of The Frostmornian drunks and Kou who silently sat at a table excluded from the crowd simply sitting there doing nothing, frozen as if a statue, thinking. His protector Mother hanged from the rafters on the ceiling warming herself up. Kou growled as a drunken man spilled some of his ale onto him but he picked up the cup of ale and set it back onto the table. "Watch what your doing next time buddy...someone could get hurt" he said and than went back to silently thinking as the howl of the wolves got closer to the town.
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Frostmore Island Adventure
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