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 Fighting Styles and Rules~In Progress

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Fighting Styles and Rules~In Progress Empty
PostSubject: Fighting Styles and Rules~In Progress   Fighting Styles and Rules~In Progress EmptyMon Aug 26, 2013 7:11 pm

This is about fighting styles. Please read these rules carefully depending on which style you're going to use. You can create your own fighting style as well, as long as it isn't OP. Admins and Mods approving apps will be the judges of what is and isn't OP. 

Black Leg Style: 

Users of this technique cannot start out as strong or as talented as Sanji. He/she must work up to being able to 'rearrange' people's faces, or light his/her leg on fire. 

Leveling Up
To prevent OC's from being OP right off the bat, there are rules for how much damage and what techniques characters can use. Feel free to make your own kicking techniques (either right away or as your OC develops), but please refrain from making your OC able to do anything too powerful, such as defeating a Pacifista or lighting his/her leg on fire before the character has even rp'd anywhere. 

Beginner: No special requirements
Beginners can use basic kicking techniques such as Collier, Collier Shoot, Epaule, Epaule Shoot, Flanchet etc. 

Adept: Post with the specific OC in 1 completed thread
Can use more powerful kicking techniques such as Reception, Anti-Manner Kick Course, Quasi, Queue etc. Can also do handstand-kicking technique

Advanced: Post with OC in 3 completed threads
Can use attacks that can take down larger size opponents, such as Bouquetiere Shot. 

Expert: Post with OC in at least 5 completed threads
Can now use Diable Jambe, though after two or three uses it will leave the user exhausted. OC can also kick more powerfully, and use simple Diable Jambe techniques such as Flambage Shot and any attacks he/she could use before. 

Master: Post with OC in at least 8 completed threads
User can use Diable Jambe without becoming tired, and has mastery over all techniques. The OC's kicks are powerful and strong, always causing damage.

Sword Styles

Ittoryu, One Sword Style

Beginner: Starting level no requirements

Nitoryu, Two Sword Style
1~ In Progress

Santoryu, Three Sword Style
1.~In Progress

Yontoryu, Four Sword Style
1.~In Progress

Rokutoryu, Six Sword Style
1. ~In Progress

Hattoryu, Eight Sword Style
1. ~In Progress

Kitsunebi-ryu, Fire Generation
1. ~In Progress

1.~ In Progress

Kyutoryu, Nine Sword/Demon Illusion
1.~In Progress

Fishman Karate/Merman Combat

1. ~In Progress

Jao Kun Do 
1.~In Progress

Rope Action
1.~In Progress

Okama Kenpo
1.~In Progress

1.~In Progress

Life Return
1.~In Progress

Ramen Kenpo
1.~In Progress

Combination Play
1.~In Progress

This is all I know of, if I have missed any please inform me. As you can see, this rule thread is still in progress and therefore unfinished. I would appreciate any help you can offer!

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Fighting Styles and Rules~In Progress
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