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 Spelling & Grammar Vote

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Do you think the rule that an app must have less than 7 spelling or grammatical errors should remain or be removed?
Remove the rule
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Keep the rule
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PostSubject: Spelling & Grammar Vote   Spelling & Grammar Vote EmptyMon Aug 26, 2013 9:36 am

So I noticed the rule that states apps with more than 7 spelling or grammatical errors will not be approved and personally feel this is a rule that will deter most users and if anything is something that can easily be used to be an unfair moderator since I think some moderators will bother with this rule and others will not. I also believe that some moderators will use this as an excuse to decline one person's app whilst they approve another person's app who is their friend just because the are friends, despite the errors. Role playing is at least supposed to be fun and if you are left checking all over the place for grammatical errors then it becomes less fun. Also it makes users whose native language isn't English say why bother?

I know this because I've seen it happen various times when grammar & spelling is raised as an issue it makes people leave because they feel inferior and see the person who raises it as petty and most of the time with a superiority complex, I know this because I was once accused of it because a french person refused to write more than three words for a personality. What happens when you have people with dyslexia who don't understand spelling & grammar as well? You tell them to fix their grammar and they just say I don't know where to put it.

So I'm throwing up this poll to see what people think. But if it does pass and stick as a rule then all moderators should put it into effect since I've seen theres some who don't put all the rules into effect.
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Spelling & Grammar Vote
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