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 The High Spirits

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PostSubject: The High Spirits   The High Spirits EmptyThu Aug 22, 2013 12:44 pm

Ship Name

The High Spirits Ship picture (optional)

Ship Name: The High Spirits

Crew Name: The Steampunk Pirates

Jolly Roger: The High Spirits 555565_577564258951907_1227116923_n

Ship Size: The ship has a total of 5 decks. Decks 1 and 2 run the length of the hull and are enclosed. Deck 3 makes up most of the surface deck. Deck 5 is the top and smallest deck, which is all open.

The ship from aft to for is a total of 200 yards, not counting the balloon's stabilizing tail. The Tail is an additional 50 yards. The Balloon at it's thickest has a radius of 20 yards. The largest prop is 23 yards and the smallest is 18 yards across. Decks 1 and 2 are not segmented. Deck 3 contains XX rooms. Deck 4 Contains X rooms.

Type of Ship: Sea and Airship

Ship Appearance: The High Spirits 1002602_577582475616752_547700480_n

Description of Ship: The ship is fast and can fly. She has a Harpoon, which can change side of the ship on a convenience track. Each side of the ship has 6 nmumatic cannons, which fire a variety of shot. The scafolding around the balloon has 4 turrets, which are maned by the bravest on the ship. The may be fast and powerful, but she is very vulnerable. The tempered balloon can only take so much damage. A measure against is frailness is a cloaking system, which quickly dispels almost all the steam in the boilers, in the air it makes the ship look like a cloud, on the sea in creates a thick fog. This does however leave the ship immobile, until the steam is built up again.

  Deck 5: Wheel and Controls. Control Deck
  Deck 4: Higher Half of Captain's Quarters, Navigation. Observation Deck
  Deck 3: Special Crew Quarters, Guest Quarters, Kitchen, Dining Hall, Lower half of Captain's Quarters. Main Deck
  Deck 2: General crew housing, pantry, weapons storage, Workshop, Engines.
  Deck 1: Storage deck.

Additional Notes: She was built over a very long time and addition and subtraction, she will change as RPs are played out and new things are found, destroyed, or stolen.

The SteamPunk Pirates

Vastile: The Colossus (Captain)

Crow: Death's Pet (Doctor)

Cassie:The Shark (Marksman)

  The Supreme Dream Team Steam Machines!
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PostSubject: Re: The High Spirits   The High Spirits EmptyThu Aug 22, 2013 3:07 pm

This ship is Approved 

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The High Spirits
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