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 Rusty Sand Island

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PostSubject: Rusty Sand Island   Rusty Sand Island EmptyWed Aug 21, 2013 6:27 pm

Name: Rusty Sand Island
Sea: Secluded area of the Grand Line
Type: Summer/Tropical
Size and appearance: Small-Medium, High Cliffs in places, Rust Beaches in others.

Rusty Sand Island Rusty_10
Weather: Tropical
Animals: Tropical Birds, Lizards, Monkeys, Gulls, Wild Hogs, and mysterious beings yet discovered...
Food: Bananas, coconuts, berries, roasted boar, bird, lizard.
Vegetation: Few native species, only a bell flower, which excretes oil, called The Oil Well.  
Population: Un-inhabited, save the SteamPunk Pirates.
Owner:The SteamPunk Pirates, though it seems to have been home to an ancient laboratory of some sort.
History: Vastile found the island, following rumors of ancient technology, which he could integrate into his own designs. He was at a lost, when he found the island, and was intrigued by the sands on it's shores, which were a deep rust red. Upon further examination, he discovered that the sand was actually small metal and gears to intricate machines, which he later discovered scattered around like rocks. These machines had been abandoned, in mid-creation it seemed, and left to be dissolved into sand by the current and waves.

  Vastile later found a solitary lake at the islands center, which was hidden from the outside observers of the island, due to it's snaking and strange rivers. Vastile set up some bungalows, a dock with mooring mast, and took the island in the name of The SteamPunk Pirates. This is a sort of home base to his operations, a place to hide out, preform experiments without destroying his ship, and learn of the islands past.

  The crew loves the island, but seem tense at night. There are sightings of something watching them and rustling throughout the jungle. Some believe it is haunted, others believe it's a beast, others, believe it's nothing.
Vastile thinks, what ever it is, it must be connected to the island's past.

The SteamPunk Pirates

Vastile: The Colossus (Captain)

Crow: Death's Pet (Doctor)

Cassie:The Shark (Marksman)

  The Supreme Dream Team Steam Machines!
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Rusty Sand Island Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rusty Sand Island   Rusty Sand Island EmptyWed Aug 21, 2013 8:45 pm


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Rusty Sand Island
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