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 Rules for Haki

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PostSubject: Rules for Haki   Rules for Haki EmptyWed Aug 07, 2013 10:17 pm


1. Four OC's are allowed to have the two basic types of Haki (Kenbunshoku-Observation and Busoshoku-Armament)awakened. (as they are in every being)
2. All members are allowed only 2 OC that can use Haoshoku Haki (Conqueror's Haki) But only if the member has used their other OC('s) often, and they already 3 or more OC's
3. Haki is only allowed on the Grand Line, an OC can learn Haki on the Grand Line
4. Willpower can be leveled up one for every 10 pages in a thread 

Kenbunshoku (Observation) Haki

1. Since Kenbunshoku can be perceived as auto-dodge, users must use it sparingly in a fight, and cannot dodge any and all attacks.
2. Kenbunshoku users are, however, essentially immune to surprise attacks unless they are not paying attention.
3. Users are also able to sense the presence of people and animals even if they're hidden.

Busoshoku (Armament) Haki

1. Since Busoshoku is the only completely reliable way to fight Devil's Fruit users, it is allowed in all fights.
2. Members are only allowed to have ONE OC that can use Busoshoku and have Devil's Fruit abilities
3. There are (technically speaking) two types of Busoshoku. The first doesn't colorize the body and is used to harm Devil's Fruit users. The second colors the skin where it is being used black, and hardens that body part so as to pack a harder punch or reduce the amount of damage. (though it is mostly used to reduce the damage)

Haoshoku (Conqueror's) Haki

1. Can only be used against weak-willed opponents
2.  Willpower will be measured with a number. The higher the number the more willpower an OC has. 
3. If an OC has a higher willpower than another, he/she can use Haoshoku Haki against the weaker willed OC. 
4. The highest a new OC's willpower can be is 20, highest ever is 80. Willpower can increase with each post or finished thread. The highest increase is 5 
5. NPC's have willpower as well. The highest an NPC's Willpower can ever be is 30, starting is 10 or lower. 
6. If an OC has a higher Willpower than another OC, he/she can use it against the weaker one. 
7. NPC's are not allowed to have Haoshoku
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Rules for Haki
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