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 Sayomi! The Shadow Blade Pirate!

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Sayomi Hayashi

Sayomi Hayashi

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PostSubject: Sayomi! The Shadow Blade Pirate!   Sayomi! The Shadow Blade Pirate! EmptySun Aug 11, 2013 8:42 pm

Sayomi woke up early and got dressed in a hurry. Today was the day. She was finally going to follow her dream of becoming a pirate. She opened her drawer and grabbed her knives stuffing them away in her pocket.She tied her hair up with the same black bandana she always wore.

Opening the closet and moving everything aside she picked up a piece of black cloth that had her jolly roger on it. She had finished it a few weeks ago and hid it away. Placing it in a bag that she then swung over her back, she ran out of the house grabbing an apple from the table. "Bye mom! I'll be back by dinner!" She lied.

As soon as the house was out of sight Sayomi sprinted toward the market at full speed. People looked at her as she rushed by faster than anyone could consider a normal human's speed. She stopped near the market and looked around. "Let's see..." She questioned herself, "what am I going to need to get this ship?"
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Sayomi! The Shadow Blade Pirate!
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