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 Crow "Death's Pet"

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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

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Crow "Death's Pet" Empty
PostSubject: Crow "Death's Pet"   Crow "Death's Pet" EmptySun Aug 11, 2013 3:50 am

[size=29]Crow[ size]

Name: Crow

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Epithet: “Death’s Pet”

Place of Birth: Hakaba Island(Boneyard Island)

Species: Human

Allegiance: Pirate

Bounty: 12,000,000 Beli

Role(s): Doctor


Avenge the death of a man only know as “Doctor”

Feel Pain

Find someone to love like she used to.

Character Appearance:

Crow "Death's Pet" Crow13

Crow has very…boyish looks, so much so many often mistake her for a boy rather than a girl. Her dull green cat-like eyes seem to stare right though a person.

Below these eyes are black markings.  Her black hair messy and short, adding to her boyish looks. Sitting atop her head is a mini purple top hat with a bright orange band.

Crow wears a purple collar around her neck a large orange bell attached to it that strangely does not ring normally. Her mouth when she’s not eating appears to be a single large stitch shaped like a smile.

A large oversize purple and black striped sweater worn over her sleeveless shirt, an orange skull adorned on it. She wears black pants covered in purple stars.

On her feet she wears a pair of black boots that could of easily of belonged to someone who was a circus performer. Her body underneath all that cloth is covered in scars and stitches.

Character Personality:

Crow doesn't say much at all.  She is rather strange; people have often seen her walking on her hands in marketplaces and around inns with great ease. She can’t stand still for the life of her as it makes her unease and will start doing tricks to rid herself of it.

She can seem emotionless at times, even upon speaking. Some say she was born without them. This is not true as she can feel some things. Confusion, happiness, sadness, anger. Angry was something you did not want Crow to be.

Reports of Crow laughing like a maniac a crazed look in her eyes as she cut down anything in her way upon becoming angered.

Crow seems to like being around beautiful things, things that sparkle or shine. It is one of the only times you will seem her dull eyes sparkling with joy and happiness.

Character's Background:

The first thing Crow remembers is light, a bright light and the feeling of cold steel on her back. It was in this memory that she first met the man she called “Doctor” She loved “Doctor”, she loved “Doctor” form the very moment she laid eyes on him. She would often do whatever she could help him in every way she could. She often spent many hours with the doctor helping with his experiments and helping him make his “Dolls”.

For years Crow was happy, but all that changed one night, when she had woken up by a scream, a scream that sounded like the doctor. Running down the winding halls and staircases to his lab she came upon a sight that shattered her mind forever. The doctor, the man she loved, her caretaker for years laid bloody and beaten on the cold lab floor.

She rushed over and desperately tried to stop the bleeding, but they both knew that it was too late. The doctor reached up and touched her cheek with a bloody hand. “Crow” he said with his dying breath right before his hand fell to the ground and his heart stopped.

Crow was in shock, he had died, Her mind shattered at that moment. She slowly got up and walks the halls slowly spilling a foul smelling liquid down the halls and rooms. The only thing she took was the clothes she had changed into the large red scythe and the doctors bag that “Doctor” had given her as a gift “For being such a good Assistant” he had told her.

And as she struck a match and watched the house, the only place she had ever called home burn, her eyes dull but flowing with tears. She promised she would find the person who killed her beloved doctor.


Steady hand: After years of being a doctor’s assistant Crow has developed a profound knowledge of the human body and is able to heal a multitude of wounds.

Congenital analgesia: From years of surgery and modifications Crow can no longer feel pain. Able to battle for without the feeling of pain to hold her back.

Acrobats Tricks: Is capable of a multitude of tricks often used by Acrobats. (cartwheels, backflips, handstands ect ect)

Swift Feet: Because of her light weight and small size Crow is fast and nimble. Able to dodge weaker enemy’s attacks

Lock-on: Because of her cat-like eyes Crow is able to keep her eyes on an enemy more easily than if she had normal eyes.

Combat Techniques:

Death’s call :Putting her weight on her heels, her scythe out in front of her she will spin faster and faster the momentum of the scythe causing it to look like a small red and purple tornado. Upon stopping will unleash countless tiny wind blades capable of ripping flash to shreds. Caution: Wind Blades unleashed in multiple directions.

Shattered Mind: Crows movements become unpredictable and her attacks wild and even more dangerous than before. She also starts laughing insanely often intimidating enemies. Caution: Will possibly attack allies while in this state.

Madness’s song:  Swaying back and forth the bell on her collar will start ringing causing Crow to go into a trance. Attacks become more carefully aimed and precise. Crow will often sing a childlike song until the trance is broken.

Reaper’s Cross: Running the Scythe along the ground before swiping upwards and then sideways creating a large powerful cross shaped Wind blade.

Death’s Doll (Scythe)
Bell Collar
Mini Top hat
Doctor’s Bag
Pouch of Beli

"Grand Line"
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Sayomi Hayashi

Sayomi Hayashi

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Crow "Death's Pet" Empty
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Crow "Death's Pet" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Crow "Death's Pet"   Crow "Death's Pet" EmptySun Sep 08, 2013 5:22 pm


Please read this announcement! ^.^ 


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Crow "Death's Pet" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Crow "Death's Pet"   Crow "Death's Pet" Empty

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Crow "Death's Pet"
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