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 Sayomi Hayashi

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Sayomi Hayashi

Sayomi Hayashi

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Sayomi Hayashi

Sayomi Hayashi 4SGSHvf

Name: Sayomi Hayashi
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Epithet: N/A
Place of Birth: Loguetown
Species: Human
Allegiance: Pirate
Crew: The Shadow Blade Pirates
Bounty: N/A
Role(s): Captain
Jolly Roger/Flag: Sayomi Hayashi Shadow10
Ship: The Reaper's Crest
• Form a crew of pirates
• Have great adventures

Sayomi Hayashi NvfsG5M

Character Appearance: Sayomi always wears a black bandana with her crew's Roger on the front. It holds her long black hair to the back of her head. She usually wears a purple skin tight tank top and black shorts. She stands at a rather short 4 foot 8 inches and has a petite build. Her sparkling pink-purple eyes tend to shine with the burning for adventure.

Character Personality: Sayomi is very carefree and sometimes views life as a joke. She has a love for adventure. She's always looking for trouble to cause or mischief to get into.  This trait often causes her to get into sticky situations. Sayomi is also a huge flirt. She tends to have the ability to flirt with anyone except the person she has a crush on. She may stutter and blush when talking to them and tends to become quite easily embarrassed around them.

Character's Background: Sayomi was born in Loguetown in the middle of the night. As she grew up she proved to be highly curious. Her curiosity soon manifested itself as mischief. She was always in trouble for one thing or another. At age 14 she turned to thievery to get what she wanted.

By age 15 she began to train with double edged knifes and throwing knives to defend herself. At 16 she started to observe pirates and begged her mother to allow her to turn to a life of piracy. Repeatedly denied of this she continued her life of thievery.

At 17 years old about week before her birthday she noticed a store owner had an unknown Devil's Fruit. Outraged at the price she snatched the fruit and ran off. This resulted in gunfire from the merchant and attention from the marines. Knowing her fate she took a bite of the fruit and choked down the foul tasting fruit. After a small freak out in the street over the taste she threw the fruit on the ground and smashed what she thought to be a poisoned fake in frustration.

A few days after swallowing the piece of fruit she had found that she had obtained an ability after all. She had eaten the Supu Supu no Mi. On her 18th birthday (the first thread I have planed for her) Sayomi plans to steal a ship and gather a crew all in one swift move.

Sayomi Hayashi TGwv9Rz


Fighting Style: "Flutter Blade" style is a set of combat moves unique to Sayomi. It involves using two double edged knives at a time. She may throw the knives at any point and pull another from her pocket. (See inventory) She uses quick and precise moves creating many fast cuts across the opponent's body.  This style is highly focused on speed, precision, and agility.

Feather step: this skill is one Sayomi picked up as a thief. It's basically the fact that she moves quietly. Her footsteps make sounds but not loud ones. This is useful for getting out of potentially deadly situations.  

Combat Techniques:

• Knife Tornado: Sayomi uses her extreme speed given by the Supu Supu no Mi to run 10 ft in diameter circles around the opponent repeatedly closing in an slashing at them. This is a move that can only be dodged two ways. 1. Jumping high enough to leap over Sayomi or 2. Stepping out of the circle during one of Sayomi's close range attacks. (Sayomi has to reach her fruit's adept level before this move is possible)

• Silent Hell: Sayomi will run toward her opponent jumping into the air and throwing a line of 5 knives downward. This is easily sidestepped and is therefore used in unison with the Feather step as a sneak attack.


Unique to Sayomi:

• 12 double edged throwing knives per thread in her pockets.  (She holds them with her index and middle finger on the flat of the blade and the handle in her palm.)

• A bag of candy. (Because why not?)

Sayomi Hayashi PWqlz5E

Devil Fruit: Supu Supu no Mi

Class: Paramecia

Powers:  The Supu Supu no Mi at it's adept level will allow the user to run at speeds that rival those of a cheetah as well as graceful bird-like agility.  This makes for quick movement and precision strikes in combat.    


Dormant: The user can run at speeds a bit above normally possible in human limits.

Awakened: The user can now rival the speeds of a fast horse and now has access to the fruit's second ability. The second ability grants the user with decent running coordination so that they may keep up with their own movements at this new speed.

Adept: Once a user has mastered this fruits abilities, in other words reach adept level, they will be able to rival the speed of a cheetah when running. They also have amazing coordination, this includes hand-eye coordination. The user not only has the ability to run fast but all movements can become quick and precise.

Grand Line

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Please read this announcement! ^.^ 


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Sayomi Hayashi
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