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 Cassie, The Shark

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Cassie, The Shark 4SGSHvf

Name: Cassie
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Epithet: "The Shark"
Place of Birth: Cassie was born in Mermaid Cove on Fishman Island
Species: Mako shark mermaid
Allegiance: Bounty hunter
Crew: The Steampunk Pirates
Bounty: N/A
Bounty Collected: 139,000,000
Role(s): Sharpshooter, bounty hunter (former), singer, diver
Jolly Roger/Flag: N/A
Ship: The High Spirits
Willpower: 19
Dream(s): Cassie wants to find her mother's kidnappers and teach them a lesson. She also wants to explore the world

Cassie, The Shark NvfsG5M

Character Appearance: Cassie has pale skin. She has light purple eyes and turquoise hair down to her shoulders.  She has a dark blue tail-the underside is white-with a blue shark fin tail. She has a blue dorsal fin on the back of her tail. She has blue webbing between her fingers. She usually wears a light purple coral bikini top with white beading, a red scrunchie bracelet with a dark blue star that covers the back of her hand. She likes to wear a bead belt with a light purple star, shells and coral dangling from it. She has a three ring tail bracelet with red coral and purple shells. Her eyes are wide and watchful, as well as innocent despite what she has seen.
Note~as a shark mermaid, she swims by moving her tail from side to side instead of up and down.

Cassie, The Shark QlKHqGq

Character Personality: Cassie is shy when it comes to meeting people, and will not talk until she feels comfortable with a person.  She hasn’t ever opened herself up to anyone, and doesn’t like talking about herself or her past. She is very quiet, preferring to sit and watch instead of getting involved.  Aside from being shy, Cassie is incredibly smart and capable of figuring out the enemy’s motives or next move simply by watching and listening. She can learn an enemy’s way of thinking in the same way. She doesn't like lying, but if she has to she will. In the water she lets go of everything and just swims, sometimes even singing, but once she stops she becomes as quiet and watchful as ever. On land she sees everything and everyone with distrustful eyes, ready to strike if anything were to happen. Once she sets her mind to something, she goes through with it, or dies trying (though clearly, that isn't the case as she's still alive)

Character's Background: Cassie was born in the Mermaid Cove on Fishman Island. She was raised by two loving parents, both merfolk. They treated her kindly, but they didn't pamper her. She had chores, but she also got an allowance in accordance to her chores. When she was 9 years old, a group of human pirates came to the island and took her mother captive. She was to be sold as a slave at the auction house on the Sabaody Archipelago. Cassie never saw her again. Since then, she's held a grudge against human's, mostly pirates. She does know that there are good humans out there, and is willing to give them a a chance, but she doesn't trust pirates.

At 11 years old, she began learning Fishman karate and merman combat from her father and a family friend. She learned slowly at first, but as time stretched long she became very skilled. When she turned 18, she left her home and began searching the seas. She got wanted posters from the coo birds, and started hunting down the pirates. In the beginning, she very nearly died every time she fought. But she grew stronger, honing her fighting skills and even developing new abilities. She found it easiest to shoot at the pirate's from farther away rather then fight them up close.

She began to sing after her mother's kidnapping. She would invent songs in her head, but never sang them around others. Most of these songs were about sad things, such as what happened when the pirates took her mom, or about dead things in the ocean. Her voice is beautiful, but nearly no one has ever heard it. When she isn't busy bounty hunting, she likes to sit on rocks and sing to herself. Many sailors have heard the wondrous sound, but none have figured out what it came from. And so began the legend of the singing ocean, and the evil sirens.

As she grew older, she discovered new techniques for Fishman karate, merman combat and sharpshooting. She would shoot at the captain of a boat from the water, then dive below the surface. She tuned her eyes so she could see her target, and hit it accurately. Before attacking her prey, she watches them for a few days, and allows her dorsal fin to show. When she does this, it looks like a shark is following the ship.

Cassie would then drag the dead or near dead wanted pirates to a marine island. She found it much easier to move around freely on land with a wheelchair, since flopping around on the ground drew unwanted attention. She found her first wheelchair washed up on an island, and managed to pull herself up into it. She bought a floor length skirt as well, to cover up her fin. She would then attach the wanted pirate(s) to the back of the chair, and wheel herself to the marine base.

Using the chair to get around, she was able to buy equipment that she needed. She got herself a nice crossbow to help with distance shots, along with a small slingshot to do the same. She even bought herself a pistol, though he prefers not to use it. Somehow, she found a wheelchair that could be folded up and put in a backpack. She bought this as well, with the money from bounties. She carried her crossbow on her back, along with a brown backpack containing the chair, slingshot and bag of money.

As time went on, she grew stronger and stronger, but found her friendly personality to be fading, until she didn't talk to anyone. But this turned into an asset, because by not talking, you listen and watch instead. And this she did. Cassie watched people on the islands, listened to their conversations, learning what certain tones mean, or gestures. Now, she watches a ship with a bounty instead of attacking head on. She learns the bounty's way of walking, talking, acting, and uses it to her advantage.

Though her lack of speech makes it difficult to request items at shops or bars. But still, she manages fairly well.

Cassie, The Shark TGwv9Rz


Fishman Karate and Merman Combat: Cassie is very skilled at fishman karate, though she doesn't use merman combat very often

Crossbow: Cassie picked up a crossbow on her travels and taught herself how to use it. She has combined it with her fishmen karate abilities, so she can shoot water arrows from it. She can hit objects fairly accurately from far away

Slingshot: She doesn't use her slingshot very often, but when she does she shoots water from it, so as to lengthen its range

Sharpshooting: Cassie is a sharpshooter, and can hit things from far away fairly easily

Predictions: She can ‘predict’ an enemy’s next move, (not as in their next punch or kick in a fight, as in, in the long shot, like, if the enemy is far away or striking from a safe spot, if that makes any sense) or explain his/her motives-by watching and listening. (she can't actually completely as fully predict things. It's more, she watches the enemy and learns their fighting style, personality during a fight, and how angry they can get. After analyzing these things and putting them together, she can make an estimate of what they may or may not do next.)

Swimming/diving: As a mermaid, Cassie is the fastest swimmer. Even out of mermaids, she can beat them all in a race. 

Character Fears or Flaws: Cassie is absolutely terrified of heights and falling.

Combat Techniques:

Sure-Kill Water Shot: Cassie takes water from the air or a nearby water source and shapes them into spikes. She can then shoot them at an enemy at high speeds

Ice Arrows: Cassie forms a bow out of water, and strong arrows. She can then shoot the arrows with the bow at great distances. The arrows are sharp like ice and move at high speeds

Water Leap: Cassie dives down underwater, then swims straight up a fast as possible and leap up from the surface-can be used as a surprise attack or distraction 

Death Shot: Cassie uses a handheld crossbow, and loads it with the strongest water arrow that she can make. She then shoots it at a target, and it is a powerful attack

Deadly Crossbow: This isn't fish man karate or merman combat, it is purely based on regular (sort of) attacks. It is her crossbow loaded with a steel tipped arrow that can pierce through basically anything.

Water Cut: Cassie makes a slashing motion with her hand. It seems as though it is from her nails, but she takes water  and slices through the air or an enemy.

Slingshot: She uses a slingshot to shoot round balls of hardened water at a target.

Iti Shimamaru (it's time to die):  She shoots a water ball from her slingshot that can take the form of anything she wishes. Such a a bird, dragon, but cat, etc. It is hardened water, therefore it can crash or slice through almost all obstacles  (she has not quite mastered this)

Crossbow, it is slung over her shoulder by a strap
She has a wheelchair that she uses to get around on land, but prefers to just stay in the water.
She carries a backpack with her at all times, it contains her wheelchair
Her pistol is strapped to her tail

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Cassie, The Shark
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