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 Rokushiki Rules

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Rokushiki Rules Empty
PostSubject: Rokushiki Rules   Rokushiki Rules EmptyThu Aug 08, 2013 6:24 pm


1. Only 4 OC's are allowed to use any form of Rokushiki.
2. Since Rokushiki is mostly a technique used by CP9 and other marines, your character must be a marine or have been trained to learn it.
3. Only 1 OC is allowed to use Rokougan. The OC can ONLY use rokougan after learning all the others.  Rokougan is only allowed once in a fight.
4. Kami-e is allowed to all characters who use rokushiki as it is the simplest one.
5. 3 Rokushiki users are allowed to use Geppo
6. Only 2 users are allowed to use Rankyaku, and the wind of their kicks have a limited range and damage count. (They cannot go over 1/2 a mile away, and cannot slice through an entire island)
7. 2 OC's are allowed to use Shigan
8. 3 Rokushiki users are allowed to use Soru, but must use it sparingly and only when on solid ground. Otherwise it is considered auto-dodge
9. 3 users are allowed to use Tekkai. But remember, Tekkai can be broken.
10. Users are allowed to use more than one Rokushiki ability (duh)

Rokushiki users CANNOT have all the abilities mastered immediately. Members must post (and finish) with their Rokushiki using OC in at least 3 threads before mastering an ability. 5 times for Rokougan. And in the thread they must say something or have reason for why they advanced.
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Rokushiki Rules
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