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 Scarletts weapons

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Scarletts weapons IOtP3qi
Weapon Name: Shurikens, Sai's and hand arrows
Weapon Description: The shurikens are small and silver, with extremely sharp edges. The sai is small and can fold up to look like a regular knife. It is also silver and very sharp. The hand arrows are about 2 inches with sharp tips.
Origin: Scarlett bought the shurikens at a store in Erumalu when she was 13. The sai's and hand arrows were from another city in Alabasta when she was 19
Special Abilities: There are two shurikens that are chock full of electricity and emit a 2 foot radius of electric discharge. The hand arrows are extremely sharp and can pierce through nearly any material.
Character/Crew Specific: Raven D Scarlett
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Scarletts weapons
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