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 Masu Masu no mi

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PostSubject: Masu Masu no mi   Masu Masu no mi EmptyThu Aug 08, 2013 6:02 pm

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Devil Fruit Name: Masu Masu no mi
Translation: Mask Mask fruit
Class: Paramecia
What the fruit does: Allows the user to go unnoticed by enemies or otherwise. Depending on the mastery of the ability, the user can essentially become "invisible." Beginning use is looking like an ordinary person, a bit like wearing a mask (hence the name). The user can look like anyone (or anything depending on their skill level) at will and flawlessly. He/she can "disappear" in a crowd by becoming someone else. If the user is exceptionally skilled with the ability, they can create their own look instead of taking someone else's, or they can "become" a creature or object. Basically, they wear a mask, but it seems like their own face/body.

The user can do this by touching the features they want to change. Such as squeezing his/her nose to make it thinner, or brushing his/her hair to make it longer. It's a bit like putting on makeup, only it actually changes the features. The user can also do this to other people if they've mastered the skill. They can "copy" someone else's look if they are actually looking at the person and can change their own appearance to seem as though they are the other person. (if that makes sense....) This isn't like the mane mane no mi or the suke suke, as the user has to change each feature individually instead of simply looking like another person.

Dormant: Allows the user to perform basic changes to his/her appearance, such as changing eye color, size of nose, facial features

Awakened: The user can change his/her body as well as her face. Can make more drastic changes, as well as tweak the appearances and colors of her clothes

Adept: The user can change other's appearances as well as his/her own. He/she can also change their appearance to that of an object. This is incredibly difficult though, and leaves the user exhausted.

Weaknesses: Sea Stone, and water. A character who is skilled at using Observation Haki can see through the disguise if they have mastered the ability

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