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 Obito "Ice Samurai" Kagemaru WIP

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PostSubject: Obito "Ice Samurai" Kagemaru WIP   Obito "Ice Samurai" Kagemaru WIP EmptyThu Aug 08, 2013 8:23 am

Obito Kagemaru

Obito "Ice Samurai" Kagemaru WIP 4SGSHvf

Name: Obito Kagemaru
Age: 16
Gender: male
Epithet: Ice samurai
Place of Birth: North blue
Species: Human
Allegiance: N/A
Crew: N/A
Bounty: 0
Bounty Collected: 0
Role(s): Swordman and archaeologist
Jolly Roger/Flag: N/A
Ship: N/A
Dream(s): to protect all who is subjected to injustise.

Obito "Ice Samurai" Kagemaru WIP NvfsG5M

Character Appearance: Normal apperance: He stands at an average 1.60 meters. His hair is raven black and are combed forward and to the left across his left eye and btw his eyes are ice blue, he wears a white and ice blue hakama and black flat shoes.
Ice Samurai apperance: When he changes personality to The Ice Samurai he throws down a smoke bomb and while covered by the smoke he puts on a helmet with the Ice symbol on it Obito "Ice Samurai" Kagemaru WIP Tumblr10
Obito "Ice Samurai" Kagemaru WIP Icesym10
he then takes off the Hakama and under it is his Ice blue colored samurai outfit
Obito "Ice Samurai" Kagemaru WIP 6fdc5010
(I know I have used Pictures from samurai sentai shinkenger(Power rangers samurai in English) because I was inspired by the series for making this character and I didn't know how to describe the samurai outfit, if someone can tell me how to describe it, please do.)

Character Personality: Obito: this version of himself is basicly a covard, he is afraid of any kind of battle and try to avoid them, he likes to draw, it is something that makes him relax and feel calm because drawings are pure, clean untouched which is some of the things he likes, and the untouched part is one of the Things that made him wanting to become an archaeologist, and if he however encounters or comes close to any kind of battle where someone weak or innocent is hurt, his personality changes to his other personality known as The Ice Samurai.
Ice Samurai: this version of Obito is the oposite side of himself heroic, fearless and overenthusiastic, he charges into a battle without any kind of plan, as his other part seme weak he is actually very strong which is shown through this personality, and whenever the battle is over he changes back to the Obito personality.

Character's Background: born the son of two archaeologist's would seme like it would be a boring childhood, but for Obito it turned out be a cool and interesting childhood, he got to go places just to do what some children like to do, dig in the dirt. And he didn't go any kind of places, the ruins in Alabasta, The Mountains on Drum island, and many more and with every new place there what things to find, things that Obito had never seen in his life, fossils, vases, sunken treasure chests which could not be opened, and the most valuable thing they ever found was a Golden crown deep beneath the ruins in Alubarna.
Due to this discovery his parrents where now well known all over the world, and being famous has it's prize.
Obito "Ice Samurai" Kagemaru WIP TGwv9Rz

Split personality: he has to personalities in one body which makes him able to be both swordman and archaeologist.
One sword style: he knows one sword style techniques.

Combat Techniques:

Icicle missile: He makes a big Icicle in the palm of his hand and then throws it towards his oponent.

Frozen sword: He channels his devil fruit Powers into the blade and when someone or something is cut With this blade everything within a 5 centimeter radius from the wound will freeze

Inventory: Katana

Obito "Ice Samurai" Kagemaru WIP PWqlz5E

Devil Fruit: Hie Hie No mi
Class: Logia
Powers: has the ability to freeze people, objects, and turn into ice.

RP Sample: N/A

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Obito "Ice Samurai" Kagemaru WIP
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