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 Hone Hone (bone bone) fruit

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Hone Hone (bone bone) fruit Empty
PostSubject: Hone Hone (bone bone) fruit   Hone Hone (bone bone) fruit EmptyThu Nov 14, 2013 7:51 am

Hone Hone (bone bone) fruit PWqlz5E

Devil Fruit Name: Hone Hone fruit
Translation: Bone Bone fruit
Class: Logia
What the fruit does: Allows the user to manipulate their bones. They can use their bones to make weapons, and to rgenerate their bones when they break or disintergrate.

Dormant: The user can protrude their bones in order to strengthen their own physical abilities. Mild regeneration of bone related wounds is able.

Awakened: The user can fully eject their bones, using them as full weapons, such as swords, daggers, and wips. Broken bones can be regenerated failry quickly.

Adept: The user can now push their bones through other things, such as the ground. This alows them to send bone spikes up throough the ground at people. Full regeneration and regrowth of bones is possible, and the time is extremely quick.

Weaknesses: At adept and dormant levels, regrowth is not possible is the bone was ripped out of the body. The bone has to be regrown by another means. If an important bone is remved by any other source than the user, the part the bone was in goes limp and unusable. Obviously, the user cannot swim.

Grand Line
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Hone Hone (bone bone) fruit Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hone Hone (bone bone) fruit   Hone Hone (bone bone) fruit EmptyThu Nov 14, 2013 5:20 pm

Quote :
Class: Logia
This is not a logia type, by the definition of logia. It is a Paramacia 

Quote :
such as swords, daggers, and wips. 
first off, wouldn't that be a little awkward? I mean, holding your own bone...as a sword? Secondly, it doesn't make any sense. Bones don't have sharp edges, so they couldn't be swords or daggers, and they're not flexible, so they can't be whips. It'd make more sense if it was used as a blunt object of sorts

Quote :
This alows them to send bone spikes up throough the ground at people.
Uhhh....shooting bones through the ground and then back up...hmmm. A tad OP don'tcha think?

Quote :
 the time is extremely quick. 
I have to know the time, because if it's like, a minute or so, that's too fast and considered OP

-Also, even with an ability, it'd take time to regenerate bones. Even the idea of "regeneration" makes no sense. So in battle, if he "shot" his bones at people, he'd be without bones...He can't remove more bones than he has right? And if he did remove all his bones, he'd be nothing more than spaghetti until they grew back. 

Oh, and the "Grand Line" thing is only required on the character apps, but thanks for showing you've read the rules ^.^

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Hone Hone (bone bone) fruit
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