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 Shirenai Liang [W.I.P]

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Shirenai Liang [W.I.P] Empty
PostSubject: Shirenai Liang [W.I.P]   Shirenai Liang [W.I.P] EmptyThu Oct 17, 2013 1:45 pm

Shirenai Liang

Shirenai Liang [W.I.P] 4SGSHvf

Name: Shirenai Liang
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Epithet: Shiri
Place of Birth: South Blue
Species: Human
Allegiance: Marine
Crew: N/A
Bounty: N/A
Bounty Collected: 0
Role(s): Marksman, Doctor
Jolly Roger/Flag: N/A
Ship: What do they sail aboard?
Willpower: 13
Dream(s): Too Rise in the Rank and Reputation amongst the Marines~

Shirenai Liang [W.I.P] NvfsG5M

Character Appearance: Shirenai is a slender, curvaceous young woman who has Blue eyes and Black hair framing her face, with two pigtails which is held back with a hairpiece that is the same upside down Marine symbol.

Unlike the typical Marine, she wears a white and blue long sleeve attire, which shows off her Bust quite formal with her combat boots, holster straps on her thighs and her short white shorts. She also wears a blue tie that goes down her chest.

Character Personality: Shirenai is a very complex woman. At first glance, she appears to be Shy, self conscious and a little bizarre. She can also act arrogant and stubborn, usually justifying her less-than-admirable actions with her apparent skill, causing her to later to feel bad about her actions as she always tends to beg for forgiveness. As a result, people don't think of her as a Marine nor her ranking. It was revealed the reason for her tendency to sometimes have an attitude towards life was that because of her past, she didn't want to ever show weakness again to anyone. She harbored a great fear of getting anybody innocent hurt.

Deep down, She is a rather-sensitive and vulnerable woman who is afraid and concerned about how other people (especially the other members of her unit) might react towards her. She is also much more soft and compassionate towards others when she opens up, she has also shown to be very sly and crafty when the situation demands it.

Shirenai is very brave and reckless when fighting her opponents. She will fight anyone who she considers her enemy, regardless what their reputation is or not. However, she has been easily defeated by opponents by not thinking things through and rushing in without planning ahead, something her instructor scolded her for several times. Shirenai has her own view of "justice" which differs from others definition, and will fight for what she sees as the right thing to do. Shirenai felt that as a woman, she would be perceived as inferior to men as a Marine. However, this doesn't stop her from trying hard to get stronger and achieve her dreams. As an upcoming marine, she would die losing rather than lose in shame.

Character's Background: Born as the first and only child of Retired marine family, Shirenai grew up in an average if bit strict home. Her father was a very methodical man who kept marine standards even at home and it was a small miracle how her mother put up with it all. In any case, both of them had great influence on her. She took after her father when it came to pastimes, but after her mother when it came to behavior. During school years she wanted to spend time playing sports rather than studying or being teased and flirted by the boys. However, her father’s firm discipline got her through studies with above average grades.

Shirenai enlisted to at the age of 13 and has served on marines ever since. It was her father’s suggestion and even she herself was curious to see what it was all about. Like all of her peers, she learned how to handle various firearms, fight at different ranges and swim with full equipment. She managed well and even gained recognition for her skills during physical training. After the basic training was over, her squad was sent to support more experienced troops in a small incident against some pirates. That assignment was a minor one and Shirenai’s involvement was limited to supply line protection, but she enjoyed it nonetheless.

Years passed by with one assignment after another, but not all of them went well. Shirenai’s father lost his life in a pirate ambush. She mourned for a while, but eventually found peace in belief that her father had gone down in a blaze of glory and died with honor. Her mother encouraged her to continue as a marine without getting caught up in something as petty as revenge. The experience was the final point in turning her into the hardened, battle-loving soldier she is today. She has dedicated her life to serving the World Government and spends her free time preparing for her next assignment.

Shirenai Liang [W.I.P] TGwv9Rz


  • Close Quarter Combat
  • Pistoleer
  • Trained Medic
  • Tracker

Combat Techniques:

Inventory: Put anything your character has here including weapons. Just remember any character or crew specific weaponry will need a weapon application too.

Shirenai Liang [W.I.P] PWqlz5E

Devil Fruit: Name the fruit here
Class: Paramecia, Zoan or Logia
Powers: Describe the abilities of the fruit here please

RP Sample: This is optional but if you wish to show people your rping ability this is where you can write a sample please try to keep it one piece.
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Shirenai Liang [W.I.P]
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