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 Basic Forum Rules, read before posting

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Basic Forum Rules, read before posting Empty
PostSubject: Basic Forum Rules, read before posting   Basic Forum Rules, read before posting EmptyWed Aug 07, 2013 5:38 pm

Basic Rules

1. Be respectful. We are an assembly of diverse individuals; each, with his or her own unique mode of expression. We encourage each member to express him or herself, but moreover to do so without negatively affecting others.
Examining oneself more and blaming others less will result in fewer complaints. – Confucius
2. Recognize that our forum calls for moderate behavior. We do not permit swearing in profound excess or spamming. Grimdark is acceptable, but do not make anything too gory. We do not permit the exposure of explicit sexual content out-of-character.
3. Each member may have one account. This account will store all of the member’s OCs.
4. Do not hesitate to refer to administrators and moderators. Our role in this forum is to ensure that each member receives fair treatment and an opportunity to enjoy his or her role-playing experience. Members are encouraged to report anything, in-character or out-of-character, that bothers them.

Chatbox rules

1.  All aforementioned rules apply in the Chatbox.
2. The purpose of the Chatbox Public Room is to discuss matters out-of-character. These matters may concern RP plans, but they may also pertain to other interests.
3. Administrators and moderators may not kick or ban members from the Chatbox without specifically citing the rule that the member has violated.

Character Creation

1. Original character applications must adhere to the character creation template which can be found |Here|
2. OC's will not be approved if they have over powered abilities such as being able to dodge every attack ever, or always knowing everything that happens. This may come as a shock to you, but your character doesn't know absolutely everything.
3. OC's will not be approved if their role is greatly exaggerated beyond reason. He/she may not have royal statuses or other attributes that center society around the single character.
4. Remember that we are an OC forum.  To ensure approval, avoid incorporating characters from the show into OC histories.
5.  Please keep in mind that application length is not a determining factor in whether or not the OC will be approved. A concise, well-thought-out composition that meets all criteria serves its purpose effectively.
6. To acknowledge that you have read the rules, please write "Grand Line" at the very bottom of your OC application.
7. Characters can have bounties ranging anywhere between 50-200,000,000, though characters should not have a bounty exceeding 10,000,000 when they are first created without good reason. Bounties can increase as a member uses their OC, but only if they have done something that deserves a bounty. And please make the amount reasonable. OC's who have collected bounties can have collected no more than 150,000,000. 
8. Please note that each individual OC may only join ONE crew. I don't think it needed to be said, but just in case
9. Marine Ranks: Your character cannot start out as a Vice-Admiral or any rank above Captain. Members are not allowed to be Admirals, this is a perk for admins (as there are only three Admirals) Any OC is allowed to start out as a Captain or lower, but cannot have a higher rank. They must work for their rank, and get promoted as they go on. The same goes for admins. You cannot just say your character is a Vice-Admiral, they have to earn that title. No member is allowed to rp as the Fleet Admiral.
10. OC's must have no resemblance to any show characters.
11. If your character has a bounty, please give a reason for it in the history. 
12. Character deletion. If there is an OC you don't want anymore and wish to delete it, please make an announcement of some sort about it. Whether it's in the chatbox or in the announcement forum, just make it known that your OC is going bye bye.

Role-Playing Rules and Procedures

1. Members may only role-play with OCs that have been approved by a moderator or administrator.
2. Members may not employ supernatural abilities, assume control of other members’ characters, or otherwise forcibly create an environment in which other OCs are compromised without consent.
3. Members may not role play characters from the show.
4. All role-plays may adhere to a posting order. Participants post in a cycle that updates when new members join.
For example:
Member A posts.
Member B joins.
Member A posts.
Member B posts.
Member C joins.
Member A posts.
Member B posts.
Member C posts.
The posting order is controlled by the thread-starter. If the member who started the thread says there is no posting order, there is no posting order. 
5. If a participant inexplicably fails to post within 3 days of the last participant's post, his or her turn may be skipped by the next poster in the order.
6. Please avoid taking personal offense to the actions of OCs. The conduct of OCs should not affect the manner in which members treat each other.
7. We recommend that members write all in-character posts in third-person, past tense form.
8. All posts must be at least a paragraph (5-3 sentences) If you can't think of something to write, just describe the surroundings, the OC's thoughts, things like that.
9. Your character is allowed to be in more than one place at a time, (if your character is in one thread, they can still be in another) 
10. Characters can die in a fight, when/if they die the character is dead. He/she can complete any other threads they're in, but the OC cannot rp in any more.
11. If your thread will contain any gory, bloody or overly violent scenes please say so in the title.


1. Members can make up to 8 OC's without needing a special consent, but please use your first OC in at least one thread before making a new one. Members seeking to make a 9th OC must first ask permission from an administrator or moderator, who will then look and see if the member is capable of role-playing with more than 8 OC's. Members are expected to use all current OCs consistently before creating more.
2. Members are allowed to have 3 captain OC's
3. Members can have up to 6 Devil's Fruit users without consulting an admin or mod
4. All OC's are allowed to use Haki as it is found in every being. He/she can only use it if it has been awakened through either training or some sort of trauma. Since Conqueror's Haki is rare and cannot be awakened through training, only 3 OC's may use it.
5. Members are all allowed only one account. If you make another one, one (of the users choice) will be deleted

The setting is in the One Piece world, pirates from all over the world are sailing out to the sea in order to find the legendary treasure, One Piece. Gold Roger, the Pirate King, announced just before his execution that he's left all his treasure in one place at the end of the Grand Line. Now, a few years after his death, everyone is rushing to find it. The Marines are trying desperately to stop the pirates, placing bounties on the most notorious and dealing with as many as they can, but there are just too many. Which side will you be on?

~note, all characters from the show do not exist in this world (with the exception of Gold Roger). Your OC(s) are not allowed to know or have any affiliations with any characters from the show.
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Basic Forum Rules, read before posting
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